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Are you looking for Clutch Replacement Coventry?

Your vehicle's clutch system can facilitate a seamless gear transition, offering you stable car control during acceleration and deceleration. So, the optimal functioning of this component is necessary to ensure your comprehensive driving safety and comfort.

Therefore, if you notice your car clutch malfunctioning, do not think twice before contacting us immediately at TMP Autos Ltd. Here, our team use state-of-the-art technologies to inspect and find the underlying issues and offer clutch replacement Coventry in minimal turn-around time.

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So, stop searching for “clutch repair Coventry” and visit us today at Venture House, 1-2, Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4AF.

Symptoms of a faulty Clutch System

A broken clutch cable or leakage in the hydraulic line can lead to a damaged clutch. So, keep an eye out for some warning signs of a faulty clutch system, such as:

  • Increased fuel consumption level
  • Odd juddering in the clutch pedal
  • A grinding noise when the clutch pedal is pressed
  • False shifts when you are engaging the gear
  • Clutch slippage

Therefore, if you notice any of these problems with your vehicle, call our experts at 07494 911 686 immediately. We are happy to help!

Why choose us?

Our technicians with hands-on experience and backed by top-of-the-line machinery offer your vehicle proper services, following the best industry practices. Here, we conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle’s clutch system to get a precise idea about its issues.

We assess several components of the clutch assembly in minimal turn-around time, including:

  • Flywheel, which is crucial for connecting to the vehicle engine
  • Clutch discs that connect to the transmission
  • Cables that work as a link between clutch pedal and fork
  • The clutch fork can modulate the force between the clutch and pressure plate.
  • Clutch fluid, which helps the system to operate
  • Linkage connecting pressure plate and fork
  • The pilot bearing linking clutch disc and input shaft
  • Hydraulic or mechanical release mechanism
  • Release bearing, etc.

Based on our findings, we offer precise and prompt solutions. Here, we replace worn-out parts with OE-grade spares, so you can rest assured of the compatibility of these units with your vehicle’s make and model.

Please do not spend your valuable time looking for other options and contact our experts at your earliest.

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