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Are you looking for MOT Coventry?

If your car is over 3 years old, the UK transportation law mandates it to undergo the annual MOT Coventry. This annual assessment is conducted to measure the roadworthiness and environment-friendliness of your vehicle.

So, if this test is due for your car, consider us at TMP Autos Ltd your best option. Here we use top-of-the-line equipment and state-of-the-art machinery to conduct the assessment with acute precision in minimal turn-around time.

So, why spend your valuable time looking for other options? Contact us today to get your car’s MOT test Coventry done at a reasonable price.

Vehicles eligible for the MOT Coventry at our facility

Kindly note that here we conduct the assessment for class IV vehicles only. This category includes:

  • Cars With Up to Eight Passenger Seats
  • Taxis
  • Motor Caravans
  • Ambulances
  • Dual Purpose Vehicles
  • Three Wheeled Vehicles over 450 Kgs
  • Private Passenger Vehicles with up to 12 Seats
  • Goods And Services Vehicles with Gross Weight up to 3,000 Kgs.

Why choose us?

Our highly trained, certified technicians conduct thorough inspections of several car components during this test, including:

  • Bonnet Catch
  • Number Plates
  • Light
  • Horn
  • Fuel System
  • Doors
  • Seatbelts, etc.

Types of issues found in an MOT Coventry

The issues flagged post the checks are categorised into three subsections:

Minor Issues

Slight problems with your car do not affect the positive outcome of the test. The vehicle will still pass the test. However, our experts recommend that you should get the issues fixed as soon as possible.

Major Issues

If our experts find any major problem, your car will be deemed unfit in this assessment and fails the test.

Dangerous Issues

These kinds of issues can compromise your road safety in a significant manner. As a result, your vehicle will not pass the test with such problems.

Based on how your car fairs in this test, we provide it with any of these two certificates:

VT20: If your vehicle clears the MOT test Coventry

VT30: If your vehicle fails this assessment.

Please note that it is illegal to drive your vehicle with a VT30 certificate.

So, in such a scenario, you need to contact experts for post-MOT repairs and a partial re-test afterwards. If carried out in our workshop within ten working days, the re-test will be free of charge.

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So, why spend your valuable time looking for other options?

Stop searching auto centre for MOT Coventry and visit our workshop. Find us at Venture House, 1-2, Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4AF. Or drop us your queries at info@tmpautoservcies.co.uk.

You can also book this service directly via our website.

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Then, talk to our experts directly. Just call us on 07494 911 686.