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Are you looking for Engine Rebuilds for your vehicle?

In case you are not getting optimal performance from your vehicle's engine system or experiencing sudden breakdowns, you should consider opting for an engine rebuild or replacement. However, replacing an engine system is a costly affair. Hence, many vehicle owners consider engine rebuilding as an affordable alternative.

Engine rebuilding service involves replacing some of the most essential components of the old engine system to restore the optimal state of the entire engine system.

TMP Autos Ltd, in this regard, is a one-stop solution for all your “engine rebuild services near me” searches. We offer engine rebuilds Coventry at a cost-effective rate and for almost every vehicle make and model. Our team of experts are regularly trained with the latest engine repair and rebuild technologies and ensures prompt service within a minimum turnaround time. Further, our facility is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and technologies and offers replacements with OE-grade spares.

Hence, you can rely on us without giving a second thought!

What are the causes of engine failure?

Most car engines can function optimally for about 150,000 miles. However, some factors that cause a car engine to malfunction before the estimated lifespan are as follows:

  • Poor car maintenance
  • Using a low-quality fuel mix
  • Harsh driving habits
  • Accidents
  • Ignoring the check engine light on the car's dashboard

Symptoms of a malfunctioning car engine

A faulty or malfunctioning car engine generally exhibits the following symptoms:

  • A drastic increase in the fuel consumption
  • White dense gas coming out from the exhaust pipe
  • You see metal flakes in the engine oil
  • Reduces engine power
  • Check engine light comes to life on the car's dashboard

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Before beginning the service, our technicians refer to the car's manual to know the manufacturer's instructions for your respective vehicle model. This helps them conduct a precise service within the least possible waiting time.

The experts at our facility use the most advanced diagnostic tools to identify the underlying causes of the issue in a car’s engine. Then we offer engine rebuild Coventry accordingly. We will certainly speak to you about the costs and issue an estimate.

We use superior quality OE-grade bearings, gaskets, liners, oil seals, head bolts and other parts for the engine rebuild process and ensure optimal results.

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