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Are you looking for Major Service for your vehicle? A major service is advised every two years or 24,000 miles. However this does not stop you taking care of your car and doing it sooner! Our major service includes checks on all key running components of your car.

Whats included? – With our Major Service we will Replace the following items as standard. Oil, Air, fuel (Diesel only), Pollen/Cabin(if fitted) Filters and Spark Plugs (petrol only) along with a refill of the correct engine oil. All replacement parts used will meet or surpass all Manufacturers specifications on the quality of the products used so that all manufacturer warranties are maintained and upheld (within accordance to Block Exemption) so no need to take your vehicle back to the main dealers. We will also carry out a thorough safety inspection of your vehicle topping up any fluids where required, removal of all wheels to inspect, clean and adjust brakes, suspension, bearings, exhaust systems, lights, wipers, tyres, all interior controls. air conditioning. If upon completion of our inspection we find any current issues or something that may become an issue within the next 12 months we will bring this to your attention along with our reccomendations and any costings for any current or preventative work that may be required.


Need an MOT ! just £30.00 pounds when booked with a Major Service

Why not ask us to add an engine flush and a fuel additive treatment helping reduce carbon and sludge build up to your engines working components? just £15.00 each.

Why not take advantage of our interest free credit payment option ? .