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Car Service Marston Jabbett

Marston Jabbett is a hamlet near Warwickshire County. Because of the booming commercial area here, this locality remains bustling during business hours. As a result, streets witness stable traffic around the clock.

Do you often drive by this place? Then it is beneficial to know about a reliable vehicular workshop around. For all your queries about car services Marston Jabbett, consider us at TMP Autos Ltd your best option. Therefore, do not spend your valuable time looking for other options and contact our professionals at info@tmpautos.co.uk or 07494 911 686.

Why Choose Us?

Here our experts use state-of-the-art technology to offer their assistance in:

Wheel Alignment: During manufacturing, your car's wheels are attached to its axle and suspension system at three primary angles called Camber, Caster, and Toe. Over prolonged use, these wheels are susceptible to misalignments. So, we conduct a thorough inspection and realign the wheels according to their original manufacturer's specifications.

Car Air Conditioning Services: The optimal functioning of your car air-con is essential for a comfortable cabin atmosphere during the hot and humid weather. Moreover, the AC can also resist microbial activities inside the vehicle. So, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance if the product malfunctions. Here, we offer OE-grade replacement spares for the damaged components of the machine. Moreover, if the refrigerant level is running low, we refill the car air-con with any of these two gasses:

  • R-134a
  • R-1234yf

Moreover, we also offer:

  • Interim Service
  • DPF Cleaning
  • Full Service
  • 24/7 Breakdown Services
  • Brake Fluid Change, etc.

Sounds promising? Then stop searching for "car services near me" and visit us today!

Find us at Venture House, 1-2, Holbrook Lane, Coventry, CV6 4AF. Take the Jimmy Hill Wy. /A444 to cover this 6 mile distance without any hassle!

MOT Marston Jabbett

If your vehicle is over three years old, the UK transportation laws mandate it to undergo the annual MOT test to assess its roadworthiness. We are a DVSA-authorised facility that conducts the test with complete transparency and minimal turn-around time.

Our experts use advanced machinery to assess several of your vehicle's components, such as:

  • Exhaust System
  • Emission Control System
  • Horns
  • Lights
  • Number Plates

Based on how your car performs, we offer it with any of these two certificates:

VT20: If your car clears the test for having zero or minor issues

VT30: If the vehicle has major and dangerous issues leading to an MOT test failure

So, if the scheduled date for this date is due soon for your vehicle, contact us now.

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